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Blackstar Canyon is perhaps the most haunted land in all of California. Blackstar historically was the place where the last "free roaming" Indians were massacred by Spanish ranchers. Many speculate that the massacre of the native people is the reason the valley remains haunted to this day. Sightings of hooded figures and large dark figures are common in this strange valley. In 1878 the Black Star Mining Company was formed after coal was found near the head of the canyon. The canyon's name came from this company. The mining operation was shortly discontinued reportedly because of poor coal quality. It is unknown if any died in the canyon during these later years.

Below are stories sent to us by readers. If you have a story of your own please don't hesitate to contact us. Also don't miss all the action in the haunted section of our forums.

Report Type: Blurry Apparition While in Car
Report Filed: 06/12/08

In celebration of Friday the 13th a few friends and myself headed into Blackstar Canyon to see if the urban legends we had heard were correct. Since we were all girls we were extra cautious due to the crimes that we know have happened in the area. I am pretty brave when it comes to the paranormal and doubtful of ghosts and things that 'go bump in the night.' I do however believe in spiritual warfare. I don't know what occured that night but I know that I was scared!!!

We drove up the dark winding roads towards Blackstar laughing and talking about all the stories that have happened there. When we got there we parked. Nina, Desiree, Breeann, and Esmerelda unloaded from the car we hung out a little while talking for a little keeping our eyes and ears open. Every little sound, road sign, and reflector got our attention. We stopped abruptly when we noticed a group of angry looking guys ahead. We decided to leave and avoid any drama. The moment I turned around I got a chill and started to scurry. When one of the girls noticed me rushing she began running to the car and so did the rest of the group. Desiree accidently hit me with the car door in her hurry which only made me more frantic. I fumbled for my keys got in and started the engine. I was going for a three point turn but hit reverse a little too fast which caused everyone to scream. After telling eveyone to calm down I took milisecond to collect myself. I made a left turn, and when I did, I saw a roadsign illuminated in my headlights. It was either not there before or not noticed. So that I wouldn't hit the roadsign, I turned the car around and headed towards the main road. The girls were giggling, screeching, and hyping up the moment, so I told them to calm down but I told them that I wanted to come to Blackstar and that we were being chicken shit. Everyone agreed that they needed to calm down and would like to go back to check if the guys had left yet. So we parked along a side road further down and chilled a bit. When we thought the guys we had saw had left we decided to turn back and check it out once more. We decided that if the guys were there still we wouldn't get out of the car but if they were we would get out. I turned the car around and headed back and we lurched forward on the road looking around to make sure no other people were there. As we crawled along the canyon road in a much lighter mood talking and laughing I was straining my eyes to see the road as we headed towards the end and the canyon entrance.

Suddenly a blurry image hovered over the road ahead about four feet off the ground and quickly moved across it perpendicular to us. My eyes followed it and simultaneously a wave of silence rushed over the car. Esmerelda remained silent and huddled against the door while Nina and Breeann started screaming as Desiree was yelling, "What the hell was that?". I made a quick U-turn, carefully this time, and got the hell out of there. I wanted to make sure that my mind was not playing tricks on me so I asked everyone "What did you see?" Everyone was explaining the same blury image that I had seen. Needless to say it was a frightening experience.

Report Type: Disembodied Laughter
Report Filed: 06/02/08

On saturday night me and my kids went to blackstar canyon and when we got there we saw two satanic worshipers right away my daughter wanted to leave but we kept on going further down the road then we saw some paintings on the hills and shotgun holes in the road then my daughters boyfriend wanted to leave right when we were turning around to go back to the car we heard something in the bushes like a rock hitting the ground then my son was freaking out and my daughter was having a panic attack and hyperventalating so we kept on walking to the car when we heard somebody laughing but nobody was there so we booked it out of there and took off down the road well thats my story of my experience at BLACKSTAR CANYON

Report Type: Paranormal Activity & Touched by a Ghost
Report Filed: 05/26/08

I just got home from an all-nighter at the Black Star with four friends of mine, two of whom are US Marines. On our way there, on the first stretch of road that is dark and a lot of times deserted, myself and everyone else in my car saw white figures on the side of the road dart away quickly into the darkness. When we arrived at the front gate there were a large group of drunk teenagers that were very loud, very obnoxious, and followed us. After we lost the hoard of drunkards my two Marines were doing what they're trained to and checking out whats ahead, behind, and to the sides of us to make sure it would be safe for the remaining three of us civilians. After a walking for about 20 minutes I started feeling a knot in my stomach, (before I say more I feel that I am somewhat sensitive to paranormal presences and have taught myself to filter out feelings of nervousness from intuition) I kept quiet and we walked on. All of a sudden I felt as though we were being watched from all angles and felt very threatened. I spoke up and one of my Marines said he felt unwanted there too. So as we stood there arguing going further or turning back I felt a hand move my hair and move up the back of my neck, I quickly turned around expecting there to be someone and there was nothing in sight. The only person who was in reach of me was linking arms with me so their hands were accounted for. I demanded we turn around and go back because I felt we shouldn't be there. So we turned around and I couldn't stop looking over my shoulder as to expect to see someone following us, but once again, there was nothing. I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye darting back and fourth through the trees and in the path ahead of us. Finally the feeling of dread subsided and we walked past the gate back to the car still very alert. The sun was just coming up as we were driving away. We did get followed on our way out by a man in a white jeep that was parked on the road by the stop sign on the way out. All and all I would love to go back and experience more and try to get some evidence on camera.

Also, I was told of a cemetery, does someone know where it is and if it is accessible? Would be great to find out before my next trip there. Thanks!

Report Type: Just a Myth?
Report Filed: 04/29/08

Well me and about 8 friends went there and walked about 4 miles and on that way we were very scared.. we stopped and started to walk back because we thought this was a rumor....overall we heard nothing..saw no figures and heard alot of frogs croaking... the only thing exciting was when my friend found a frog and picked it up... the frog pissed on him!! hahaha...well hit me up with other stories cuz im getting a feeling this is a myth.

Report Type: Lights & Strange Figures
Report Filed: 04/22/08

So me and about 6 friends went to blackstar one night around 130. We usually stay for around 4-5 hours just to chill out. Anyway, we were walking through maybe about a couple miles in and as we turned a corner, I noticed something with a black hood standing in the road. As everyone else came around it disappeared. We proceeded further and noticed orange blinking lights semi low to the ground ahead of us. We all assumed they were hazard lights from cars so we proceeded further with caution. A few steps ahead, the lights stopped. We inched forward being pretty creeped out by the lights. Suddenly they came back on again. This freaked us all out pretty bad so we took off and all ran full speed back to the car. We returned about 3 days later and walked out to where we had last seen the lights. and as we got closer and closer to them, we were stupified to find out that the lights were merely road construction signs with motion sensors. All that running for some lights...lame. As for the hooded person/whatever it was, we still haven't found out what that could be.

Report Type: Bizarre Sightings
Report Filed: 3/10/08

So last saturday me and 5 of my friends went down to Black Star. I had heard a lot of the legends and I am now a true believer.

So i'll just get right into it.

Right when we got to the road block sign weird things happened. This Jeep kind of car drove past us at an unusually high speed, stopped right at the sign (I thought it was gonna drive right through it) and turned around just as rapidly as it came.

Well two of our friends stayed in the car both out of fear, and also because we heard the squatters will mess up cars left by people who "tresspass."

So the other 4 of us go past the sign and on to our little adventure. As we were walking down the road we saw that Jeep drive back down to the road block sign, just as fast, and turn around just as before. At that point we thought it was just a bit odd, but that's all. It was pretty mild stuff at first. Mostly odd wind and temperature changes. Like, we would walk down the road and then all of the sudden it would go from really cold to abnormally hot. Then we'd walk back into the cold and back again. Weird stuff.

So we walk down the road and are looking into the wilderness and all of us see this blue light. We shined our flashlight on it and it disappeared. When we turned the light off it was there again. We didnt want to get off the road so we continued. Further down, the light was there again. It was strange but we ignored it.

We got further down and there were some trees up ahead. We were all looking in different directions and my best friend saw a dark figure of a person jump out of a tree. None of us saw it, but I've known her for almost 15 years now since we were 5 and I know she is a very credible person.

So we decided to stop walking in that direction, but didnt want to turn back just yet. So we stand in the middle of the road, 4 of us back to back looking out in different directions. In my direction was the hills. I kept seeing this white light up there, floating. I would bet almost anything that it wasnt an airplain (unless the pilot was severely drunk or had a death wish). It would just float down the mountain, disappear and after a while it would come down the same path. It did it at least 3 times. After a while we ignored that too.

So we were standing in the middle of the road, trying to ignore the rapid wind changing when one of our friends started breathing irratically and dropped to his hands knees. Mind you, our friend is a big fellow. Over 6 ft tall and previously worked as a security guard. He was down there for a few minutes, not looking at us or answering us, then got up and very calmly stated that we should go further down the road. Towards the tree with the dark figure. (It was his idea to not go any further in the first place) When we questioned him, he simply stated "It just feels...safer..." and refused to say anything more about it.

We go further towards the trees, and right as we pass these two telephone poles, all 4 of us stop simultaneously and all have the same feeling of unwelcome. And all decide to turn around and go back. It was a horrible feeling.

So we start walking back to the car and the wind picked up going unnaturally fast, almost as if it were pushing us out. This terrible feeling of panic swept over me. Each step I took, the more and more anxious I felt.

We then realized that the wind was not blowing past us like we expected, but it was actually just blowing around us. Only the trees that were next to us were moving, and right as we passed them they were still.

At this point the panic combined with the horrible wind had become too much for me. It was just unexpected. So I put my hands on the side of my head, sort of as blinders so I couldnt see what I knew was there.

We kept on walking, almost unable to hear each other through the wind. I got to the point where I had to just cover my face.

The rest of the story is what I heard from my other friends, all credible people.

All around us there were dark shadowy people in the field, watching us. Squatting almost in a hunting formation. They were also in the trees. We kept on going forward and I thought our friend got some dirt in his eye from the wind but we found out he had been struck in the face. We continued until we got past the road block. Right as we passed it the wind stopped.

All of the sudden we heard our van honking in what seemed to be a hysterical way. We assumed it was just telling us to hurry now that we were back.

As I was hurrying to the van, I look back to see my best friend pointing into the trees, as if frozen. One of the guys with us almost had to drag her to the van.

We later found out that the reason the girls in the van were honking so hysterically was because not only could they hear something underneath the van, but the radio station changed on it's own. Also, the sliding van door, which was locked, opened on it's own. On top of that, they saw these mysterious headlights that would drive by then disappear. They had also been honking for a good thirty minutes but none of us heard it until the second we crossed the road block sign.

When we got in the van my best friend told us what she saw by the trees. She said it was a man who was walking step for step as she was, on the side of the road, staring at her. A few seconds later he disappeared and our friend grabbed her.

We eventually found out why our friend had fallen to his knees. He was overcome with this overwhelming emotion and said it seemed as if someone other than us was talking to him. He also said that on the way back he had an urge to scream at us to leave because we were unwelcome. Lastly he told us that on our way to the van, he saw a dark figure, not unlike the shadowy figures that were seen throughout our trip back to the van, walking away from the van.

So that's our story. Yes it's long, but i didnt want to leave anything out.

And you'd think that after that we wouldnt ever want to return, but we've actually gathered more people to come with us for our next adventure.

And I now know what we're up against, so no I will not be covering my eyes :D

Report Type: Military Exercises in Black Star?
Report Filed: 2/16/08

I have a very strange story about this place. Sometime in I believe 1992 or so I took a drive up there with my girlfriend at the time just to explore, make out, and have a look around as we would sometimes do. We were young and didn't really have anything better to do in Orange County so we would just follow roads through the hills and see where we would end up. On this particular night, I'm pretty sure it was a weeknight, we ended up at the gate that blocks the road to Blackstar canyon. The time was around midnight or 1am. I knew nothing about this place or its history. We parked our car and started walking down the road for about a half hour or so. We stopped to make out and just look at the stars and take in the atmosphere. During this time a truck passed us driving down the road very quickly but didn't seem to notice us or care that we were there. I am not sure how this truck got past the closed gate. Anyway this kind of gave us a bad feeling being out there on the middle of this road alone and we walked back to our car. As we got back in our car we saw something very strange very close to our car just above a nearby hill. A helicopter was hovering over the hill with with bright lights on both sides of it. The helicopter had doors on both sides with lines dropping from them and people were sliding down the lines onto the ground. We quickly got in our car and sped away. This scared the hell out of us and something always seemed very odd about it. Years later when I met this girl again we talked about this incident and how strange it was but still could not come to any conclusion as to what exactly we had seen. It looked similar to the military type line drop from a helicopter you see in Black Hawk Down and the helicopter appeared to be the same "little bird" type seen in the film. Feel free to post this story and maybe someone will have an explanation for what exactly we saw that night.

Report Type: Encounter with primitive locals
Report Filed: 12/16/07

Me and 4 other friends went to black star last night around 8 pm., when we were barely going in we saw this black truck and it chased us out the first time then turned around back into the canyon. so we wentback to see what was happening and we saw the truck again, it was on the side of the road where this house was in the beginning, where it says black star RV sign. we passed it and it didnt do anything. when we got to the gate we got out and entered inside the gate, we walked for about 10 minutes then we heard noises in the bushes. as we were walking we heard something fly over our head, it seemed like someone was trying to hit us and it missed and hit the bushes. it sounded like when you swing a a stick really fast. and we ran out back, and all of a sudden my friend got hit in the face. he didnt run into anything becase the gate was not high enought to his him and inch away from his eye. it seemed as if someone threw a rock at him or hit him in the face. it was to dark to tell. and we ran back to the car as we were turning around we saw a guy at the road closed sign and he kept going pass the sign and everyone saw him and he was trying not to be seen. we turned around and left as we were leaving we saw a jeep come towards us we didnt know who it was, but we kept going and we stopped to the side to see if our friend was ok (the driver). when we got back on the road the same truck we saw in the beginning was in back of us as it appeared from nowhere. we never saw it go behind us or nothing. and we left black star and it kept following us and it passed us on the road back really fast and looked at us in a wierd way. and that was black star adventure.

Report Type: Screams
Report Filed: 03/01/07

Went up the trail very late on Thursday night with a small group of friends. We have all been up here before at night but never had experienced anything really special. Well, this night we made it only to the third big turn in the trail when we heard loud screaming sounds coming from the other side of a small hill next to the trail. The screams did not sound human but we did not want to stick around and find out what it was. We all got a little scared and turned around for the night.

Report Type: Strange figure
Report Filed: 08/05/05

Took some friends up to the canyon a week ago, late at night, to see what this thing is all about. One of my friends heard about Blackstar from a another friend of his who used to go hiking back there.

After hiking past all sorts of crazy stuff for what seemed like about an hour we were at the base of the hill just after the house. We stopped to take a short break here when we heard strange rustling noises higher up on the hill. It sounded like a person but it couldn't have been this late at night. The next thing we know this large black thing comes running down the side of the hill. It came so fast and it was so dark we couldn't even make out what it was. We tried to get our flashlights on it but we could not get them turned on in time. As it came down the hill it made no noise other than that of brush being crushed. It sounded like it kept going down into the squatter area. It was very strange.

On our way back we were scared we would run into it again. Thankfully we didn't.

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